Emergency Travel Document

An Emergency\r\nTravel Document (ETD) is issued to Ugandans who have lost their passports or\r\npassports have expired but urgently need to travel to Uganda. It is a one-way\r\ntravel document, and expires upon arrival at Entebbe Airport. You must be ready\r\nto apply for a new passport in Kampala before traveling outside Uganda.\r\nApplicants for ETD must prove beyond doubt that they are Ugandan citizens. The\r\nfollowing are the requirements:

a)  Proof of\r\ncitizenship (e.g. photocopy of passport or birth certificate, National ID Card,\r\nVoter Registration Card etc.)

b)     \r\nCompleted Application Form for\r\nUgandan travel document

c)     \r\nA Letter\r\nexplaining why the applicant does not possess a valid Ugandan passport

d)    \r\nTwo (2) colored\r\npassport-size photographs

e)     \r\nUS$ 15.00\r\nprocessing fee. Only bank receipts are accepted (for ETD)

f) Self-addressed priority or overnight/express return envelope/DHL (the\r\nEmbassy will not send documents by regular mail)

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