Re-acquisition of Ugandan citizenship

1. A person who was a\r\ncitizen of Uganda by birth and who on acquisition of citizenship of another\r\ncountry renounced his/her Ugandan citizenship, may apply to the Citizenship and\r\nImmigration Board in the prescribed manner to re-acquire his or her former\r\nUgandan citizenship.

1.   \r\nThe Board may allow a\r\nformer Ugandan to reacquire his or her former citizenship if it is satisfied\r\nthat the grounds for loss of his or her Ugandan citizenship are of no adverse\r\neffect to the public order and security of Uganda.


2.   \r\nA person who\r\nre-acquires Ugandan citizenship under this section shall be required to take\r\nthe oath of allegiance.

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