Certification of Official Registration

The Embassy authenticates official documents\r\nissued by recognized institutions in Uganda for use in the Islamic Republic of\r\nIran. These include:

a)     Birth Certificates

b)     Emergency Travel Documents

c)     Academic certificates and\r\ntranscripts

d)    Marriage certificates

e)    Driving Permits

Holders of the documents\r\nmust present the following:

a) Original document\r\nbearing the stamp and signature of issuing institution

b) Photocopies of the\r\ndocument (depending on the number of copies required)


Note: The Embassy will\r\ntake time to verify the authenticity of the document with the issuing\r\ninstitution before endorsing it. This may cause delays in processing the\r\ndocuments. Bearers of forged documents will be handed over to the\r\nauthorities.

Consular Information