Investing in Uganda

Uganda offers an exceptional\r\nopportunity for your business in the heart of Africa. Located almost in the\r\ncenter of the widespread African Market, Uganda is already the preferred home\r\nof several leading Global Corporations and International Organizations. Uganda\r\nis one of the fastest growing economies (+6%) and one of the most liberal\r\ncountries for foreign investment in Africa. A place where opportunities for\r\nbusiness are plenty, it is an ideal place to set up a bridgehead to access\r\nAfrica. Uganda Investment Authority provides pro-active assistance in all\r\naspects for investing in Uganda.

Uganda entrusts to you the decision to\r\nchoose which industry to invest in. Because the country's economy is still\r\nyoung, the potential and the choice of investment opportunities is much wider\r\nfor the prospective investor than would be the case in more developed economies.

Uganda's existing comparative\r\nadvantage is heavily concentrated in agriculture, forestry and mineral\r\nresources and their primary processing.

The identified potential investment\r\nopportunities are based on the availability of domestic natural resources and\r\nintermediaries, the existence of surplus domestic labour, the good market\r\nprospects, the "high value low transport costs" to export markets as\r\nwell as the relative competitive advantage of Uganda vis a vis her main trading\r\npartners in the region.

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