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Sunday, 13th February 2022

The newly appointed non-resident High Commissioner of Uganda to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan His Excellency Muhammad Tezikuba Kisambira has presented his credentials to President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan His Excellency Dr. Arif Alvi at a ceremony in Islamabad.

After presenting the credentials, the High Commissioner of Uganda to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Muhammad Tezikuba Kisambira, made a call on the president.

Talking to Ambassador Muhammad Tezikuba Kisambira, the president said that Pakistan as a country hasa population of over 220 million people and has enormous potential for trade and investments.

He highlighted the need for further expanding and deepening economic and trade ties with Uganda.

The president said that Pakistan wanted to further enhance trade and connectivity between different regions of the world by utilizing its potential as the hub of regional trade and connectivity.

He also asked the High Commissioner Muhammad Tezikuba Kisambira to encourage the businessmen of Uganda to take advantage of the business-friendly environment and invest in Pakistan.

Congratulating the High Commissioner on his appointment, the president expressed hope that he would make efforts to further broaden bilateral relations with Pakistan in different fields.

He added that Pakistan attached great importance to the development of its agricultural sector, including the livestock and dairy sectors, and wanted to exchange expertise in these fields for mutual benefit.

He expressed satisfaction over the existing level of cooperation between Uganda and Pakistan and wished the High Commissioner success during his tenure.


The High Commissioner Muhammad Tezikuba Kisambira expressed great honor to be in Islamabad on the occasion of the presentation of his credentials as Uganda’s High Commissioner to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

He conveyed to the President and the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan warm greetings from the President of Uganda General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the people of Uganda.

He reported to the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that Uganda is home to hundreds and hundreds of Pakistani nationals. From them too he brought warm greetings and a message that Uganda is their second home.

He further said that Uganda has offered them not only hospitality but also plenty of business opportunities. They implore their fellow Pakistanis to come to Uganda and tap into these opportunities. They say they are a living testimony to the hospitality of Ugandans and the Government.

He further stressed that the diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Uganda is a clear manifestation of an intention and desire for the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Uganda to share the bounties of the two countries.

He further reported that the President of the Republic of Uganda instructed him that during his tour of duty He should put emphasis on particular items through which in his opinion the relationship between the two countries will meaningfully grow from strength to strength and these are:

1.    Political Support for each other;

2.    Trade;

3.    Tourism;

4.    Investment

 He said Uganda is an agricultural country with90% arable land and both countries could share experiences and expertise inirrigation, mechanized farming and value addition of agro products to achievemutual beneficial results;

Headded that Uganda offers best investment opportunities with access to bigmarkets of 200 million people of the East African region and Pakistaniinvestors should explore more in Uganda for investments and join ventures inareas including but not limited to energy, food processing, pharmaceuticals,oil and Gas extraction.

Heconveyed the message that the President of Uganda through the President of theIslamic Republic of Pakistan takes this opportunity to invite the people of Pakistan   tocome and explore the virgin opportunities in trade and tourism plentilyobtaining in Uganda.

Hebroadly enumerated the many comparative advantages Uganda has in the productionand export of the following:

1.    OrganicCoffee both Robusta and Arabica;

2.    OrganicTea;

3.    Ugandais home to Lake Victoria the biggest fresh water lake in the world and the sourceof the Nile the longest river in the world.

4.    Andof late Uganda has engaged in the exploration of Oil and Gas.

5.    ThePharmaceutical industry in Uganda is quite vibrant and Pakistan being ahead interms of pharmaceutical products we welcome you to take advantage of thisavailable opportunity.

Heexplained about the tourism industry of Uganda being in a class of its own asUganda is endowed with peculiar tourists’ sites and animals. It is only inUganda that one will probably find tree climbing Lions plus Bwindi the biggestGorilla home in the world.

Hesaid the above will enhance the relationship of the two countries and bothcultural and social exchange will be a consequence.

Lastly,he reported that the President of Uganda Invites the President of the IslamicRepublic of Pakistan at his earliest convenience to visit Uganda and meet themost hospitable people in the world.

Hethanked the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for hosting him.

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