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Saturday, 2nd October 2021
From left Ambassador Joshua Gitamu of Kenya, Ambassador Kisambira,the guest of Honour Mr. Malek Hossein Givzad the Ambassador of Courte devoire His Excellency Tamakolo Quattara and Rafael Babigaba the Finacial Attache


The Ambassador of Uganda in Iran Ambassador Muhammad Tezikuba Kisambira hosted a delegation of Ugandan Businessmen to a Dinner at the Official Residence in Tehran, the delegation had come to Iran on the invitation of the Uganda Embassy to participate in the Agro- Food Expo that took place at Iran International Fairgrounds in Tehran.

The event was graced by the presence of the Director Africa’s Second Department Mr. Malek Hossein Givzad, the Ambassador of Kenya in Iran His Excellency Joshua I Gitamu, the Ambassador of Courte Devoir His Excellency Tamakolo Quattara among others.

In his opening remarks Mr. Tamale Dauda Abbas welcomed the guests and gave a brief background of the invitation extended to the delegates to participate in the 2021 Iran Agro Expo, as being an effort of the Ambassador of Uganda in Iran in collaboration with Vijana Agency.

The leader of delegation Engineer Geoffrey Ndiwalana expressed gratitude for the assistance and hospitality accorded to the delegation by the Uganda Embassy in Tehran, he confessed that the delegation was so much apprehensive on their visit to Iran because of the way Iran was portrayed as being unsuitable for business and unfriendly to foreigners.

However, what they found in Iran was beyond their expectations; the prices of the machineries, quality, the advancement in Bio Technology is a clear manifestation that Iran is highly advanced in terms of Technology and its high time Ugandans embraced such technological advancement.

Other delegates gave their testimonies regarding their findings during the sectoral visits to factories and they were all amazed and highly impressed at what they saw compared to how things are done in Uganda.

The Ambassador of Kenya to Iran His Excellency Joshua I Gatimu congratulated the Ugandan delegates upon their successful Expo and the courage they exhibited to travel to Iran despite all the myth that surrounds the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Director Africa’s Second Department Mr. Malek Hossein Givzad, commended the good working relationship between Uganda and the Islamic Republic of Iran which has enabled the Ugandan delegates to participate in the Iran Agro-Expo 2021.

He underscored the good political relations between Iran and Uganda and expressed hope that the two countries' private sectors would benefit from these positive political relations between the two sides.

Ambassador Muhammad Kisambira expressed his gratitude to Vijana Agency with who he liaised to organize the Expo and to the Ugandan delegates he encouraged them to be consistent and trustworthy in all their business endeavors in order to maintain the good name of Uganda and for them to succeed. He also expressed eagerness for the expansion of ties between the two sides’ private sectors and highlighted the participation of Ugandans in the Agro Expo in Tehran as an important step for boosting the level of trade between the two sides.




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