Are you an investor?

Uganda Embassy in Tehran has made tremendous strides to mobilize and attract investments and also promote trade and tourism in various provinces of Iran namely: Kerman, Esfahan, Tabris, Mazandalan, Marshad and Kashan. A number of companies in both manufacturing, service industry, agro-processing, and mining have made positive progress to make their right choice of Uganda as a vibrant and predictable investment destination.

Many companies in the aforementioned provinces have potential investment interests in areas of iron-ore mining and processing, transformer assembling, free trade zones, coffee and tea processing, silos for storage of agricultural crops and developing tourism.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has shown strong private sector commitment in carrying-out projects in Uganda under private-public partnerships in areas of construction, healthcare, agriculture in commercial farming and irrigation, and also involved in putting-up projects for Halal abattoir/slaughterer houses in Uganda.

The Republic of Uganda Embassy has concluded several cooperation agreements in the areas health, agriculture, infrastructure development, mining, manufacturing and general trade. Iranian Government has played a big role to adopt a clear policy of private sector aimed at improving investment in-flows between the two countries.

Uganda continues to make positive steps in all sectors of economy which is fully liberalized, permitting free inflow and out-flow of capital. 

It is also important to note as a potential investor that, Uganda is a key regional economic hub for the East African Community (EAC) Market, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) with 400 million people which gives the country a unique position to enjoy a wide market access in the region.

Ití»s also important to note that, Uganda has a high quality skilled people as well as trainable labourforce with almost 50,000 University graduates annually produced across different universities in the country.

Finally, the country enjoys tranquility and peace which combines the above factors ensuring that an investor is assure of the security of his investments.

Currently, the Embassy has initiated an inter-link between various stakeholders in the areas of education for purposes of technology transfer; that is universities of Iran and Ugandan universities, universities of Pakistan and Ugandan universities and memorandum of understanding between the various stakeholders in the health and education have been undertaken between the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda and various stakeholders.

All in all, the Embassy of Republic of Uganda is committed to strengthening investment, trade and tourism relations between Uganda and Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries of accreditation, and also make follow-up on progress and arrangements for linking-up investors for joint partnerships. 

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